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UKMi Medicines Q&As

Medicines Q&As are produced by UKMi pharmacists in response to a demand to make available high quality, evidence-based, and quality controlled answers to common or unusual enquiries made to medicines information services.  These Q&As may provide either a complete answer or a starting point for additional tailoring to a specific related enquiry.  These Q&As have a nominal review date of 2 years after writing, but may be updated sooner if new information and evidence warrants an interim change.  The number of Q&As in the programme is under continuous review, with new topics added as the need is identified. The UKMi Q&A scheme is coordinated by the Southampton Medicines Advice Service medicinesadvice@uhs.nhs.uk .

All current UKMi Q&As can be found through the NICE Evidence Search using the spreadsheet listing on the link below, or searching in www.evidence.nhs.uk and filtering by Type of information ‘Evidence Summaries’ and Source ‘UKMi'.

New and updated Q&As will be notified through NICE Evidence Medicines Awareness updates to registered users.

MS Excel File  Links to UKMi Medicines Q&As on NICE Evidence 

Disclaimer for use of Q&As

  • This document has been prepared by UK Medicines Information (UKMi) pharmacists for the National Health Service (NHS), and contains an answer to a specific question about medicines use.
  • Members of the public or professionals from outside the UK may need assistance to interpret the information and to translate it to their own situation. It is strongly recommended to seek relevant professional help in such cases.
  • The question and answer (Q&A) relates solely to the clinical scenario described within the text, and should you have any doubts about whether this is relevant to a specific patient, or be unsure whether you understand the answer, it is again recommended that you request professional assistance .
  • Q&As are believed to be an accurate reflection of the medical literature at the time of preparation. However, users should always consult the literature and take account of new developments because these may change an answer.
  • Each Q&A will be deleted 3 years after preparation, unless it has been updated.
  • Where authors have given their contact details at the bottom of the Q&A, this indicates that he or she may be willing to assist with any further enquiries related to the subject. However, enquirers should bear in mind that authors are NHS employees concerned with the care of patients in their employing organisation and may not be able to respond quickly.
  • The authors of Q&As are not responsible for the content of external websites and links are made available solely to indicate their potential usefulness to users of Medicines Resources. You must use your judgement to determine the accuracy and relevance of the information they contain.
  • Q&A documents are intended for use by NHS healthcare professionals and cannot be used for commercial or marketing purposes.
  • Using this Q&A indicates that you have read, understood and accepted the above.

Q&A Writing Guide

The UKMi Q&A process, including writing, checking and accreditation, is controlled  through a Writing Guide, the latest version of which is available below.
File  Q&A Writing Guide-version 5.0 - October 2009 
MS Word File  Q&A Template 7 (April 2013)