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Research | Introduction


The Research section aims to help new researchers start out for the first time, as well as offering useful resources to more experienced researchers.


Start by reviewing the UKMI National Research Strategy to find out the most pressing research areas and to give yourself a context for your research.


If you are relatively new to research then look at Professor Brown’s guide to Taking the First Steps. We also have a guide to a large number of specific Research Ideas if you are looking for inspiration.


One of the first things you may want to do is to look for potential sources of Funding, but establishing what Completed Research or Research in Progress is available to support your own project is also important, as is a Literature Review of other people’s efforts.


The Research Methods section of the site also gives you guidance on:



No matter what research you undertake you need to understand the national and local Research Governance agenda before you embark on research and you should also consider whether you need to apply to a Research Ethics Committee before you proceed. We offer you guidance on both.


Finally, there’s no point doing the research and not sharing the results so we offer some tips on Getting Published in journals, as well as a guide to writing a conference poster.