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Membership and Contacts

Robin Burfield                     Health Solutions Wales
David Erskine                     London & SE Medicines Information Service, Guys Hospital
Jim Glare                           West Midlands Medicines Information Service, Sutton Coldfield
Peter Golightly (Convenor)  Trent Medicines Information Service, Leicester
Christine Proudlove             North West Medicines Information Service, Liverpool
Katie Smith                        East Anglia Medicines Information Service, Ipswich      
Simon Wills                        Wessex Drug and Medicines Information Service, Southampton
Fiona Woods                       Welsh Medicines Information Service, Cardiff

Remit / Objectives

  1. Advise UKMi on issues relating to IT developments that affect the delivery and uptake of medicines information in the NHS
  2. Advise UKMi on organisational aspects of IT in the practice of MI
  3. Establish relationships with appropriate individuals and organisations with an IT focus with which collaboration, partnerships and mutual understanding can benefit UKMi
  4. Produce IT related guidance and products which will facilitate the practice and provision of medicines information
  5. Ensure that all the IT-related activities of UKMi are integrated into an overall IT strategy.  This includes NeLM, MiDatabank and Pharm-line.
  6. Identify and advise on the development of IT-related training for UKMi members (in conjunction with the Education & Training WG)
  7. Facilitate research into IT-related issues which affect MI (in conjuction with the UKMi Research Strategy).
  8. Respond to specific requests from UKMi Executive relating to IT issues

Meeting Dates

To be announced

Minutes of Meetings

MS Word File  2 December 2005 

Annual Reports