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MiDatabank is a Windows software application that enables Medicines Information Pharmacists to record, manage and store enquiries. It is the national system that has been adopted for the UK Medicines Information Network.  It has been developed and distributed by CoAcS, a company, established in 1992, to develop software for the pharmaceutaicl industry and healthcare organisations.

UKMi have a long-standing wirking relationship with CoAcS who have produced MiCAL, a computer assisted learning package for pharmacists in Medicines Information, since 2001.

MiDatabank consists of two windows applications:
  • Enquiry Manager
  • Administrator

Both applications run on PC workstations, and connect to a SQL server database running elsewhere on the network.

Full information in MiDatabank can be found on the MiDatabank website.

Some of the important features available include:

Full information on other issues, including installation, support, and getting started can be found on the MiDatabank website.