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46th UKMi Seminar - September 2020

2020Content and information archive

45th UKMi Seminar - September 2019

2019 Content and information archive

44th UKMi Seminar - September 2018

2018 Content and information archive

43rd UKMi Seminar - September 2017

2017 Content and information archive

42nd UKMi Seminar - September 2016

2016 Content and information archive

41st UKMi Seminar - September 2015

2015 Content and information archive

40th UKMi Seminar - September 2014

2014 Content and information archive

39th UKMi Seminar - September 2013

2013 Content and information archive

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38th UKMi Seminar - September 2012

Programme 2012
Proceedings 2012

Collated posters 1-6
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Collated posters 12-16


UKMi Annual report Trevor Beswick, Chair UKMi Exec, Director of South West Medicines and Information & Training Service
Update on current issues: Medicines optimisation, public health and outcomes framework. Keith Ridge, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, England
Medicines & prescribing information from NICE Alexia Tonnel, Director of Evidence Resources, NICE

The practice of delivering diabetes medicines optimisation Elizabeth Hackett, Principal pharmacist, University Hospitals Leicester
Antibiotics update Keiran Hands, Consultant pharmacist, University Hospital Southampton

Changes in EU legislation relevant to medication safety Mick Foy, Vigilance Intelligence & Research Group, MHRA
Pharmacovigilance in the pharmaceutical industry Willeijn Van der Spuij, International operations lead pharmcovigilance intelligence, BMS

Research and developments in the management of Parkinson's disease Shelly Jones, Pharmacist Neurosciences, Kings College
Common medication problems for patients with Parkinson's disease Jean Martey, PD specialist nurse, University Hospitals Leicester

The philosophy behind shared decision making Alan Cribb, Centre for Public Policy Research, Kings College
Shared decision making research and implications for practice Mike Spencer, Assistant director for patient experience, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board


37th UKMi Seminar - September 2011

PDF File  Programme 2011 
PDF File  Proceedings 2011 
PDF File  Posters 2011
pdf  Presentations
pdf UKMi Annual Report : Trevor Beswick UKMi Executive Chairperson and Director of South West Medicines Information & Training Service
pdf Structural changes in the NHS : Dr Vic Standing. North West SHA, Pharmaceutical Adviser
pdf Medicines issues in liver disease : Penny North-Lewis Paediatric Liver Pharmacist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

36th UKMi Seminar - September 2010


PDF File  Programme 2010 
PDF File  Proceedings 2010 
PDF File  Posters 2010

 35th UKMi Seminar - September 2009

PDF File  Proceedings 2009 
PDF File  Programme 2009 
PDF File  Posters 2009

 34th UKMi Seminar - September 2008

PDF File  Proceedings 2008 
PDF File  Programme 2008 
PDF File  Posters 2008 

33rd UKMi Seminar - RPSGB London - October 2007

PDF File  Proceedings 2007 
PDF File  Programme 2007 
PDF File  Posters 2007 

32nd UKMi Conference - Chester - September 2006
PDF File  Posters 2006 
PDF File  Proceedings 2006 
PDF File  Programme 2006 

31st UKMi Conference - Coleraine - July 2005

PDF File  Programme 2005 
PDF File  Proceedings 2005 

30th UKMi Conference - Warwick - September 2004

29th UKMi Conference - Bath - September 2003

28th UKMi Conference - Chester - September 2002

Earlier UKMi Conferences

2001    27th    London
2000    26th    Durham
1999    25th    Cardiff
1998    24th    Sheffield
1997    23rd    Bristol
1996    22nd    Belfast
1995    21st    Brighton
1994    20th    Liverpool
1993    19th    Brighton (with ESCP)