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The UKMi Education & Training (E&T) working group has produced a student technician training pack which is designed to be fully adaptable.  This is intended to give some guidance on training which could be delivered to student technicians as part of a short placement in Medicines Information (MI).  The template has been deliberately made much simpler than the pre-reg document and it is emphasised that the MI staff are not expected to assess the technician’s competence for the NVQ/SVQ at the end of the placement.


It is acknowledged by the E&T group that, while the NVQ/SVQ scheme includes a unit on providing pharmaceutical information, not all MI centres will be able to offer student technicians an MI placement.  The requirements for the unit can be met in any area of the student’s rotation. 


The template can be used as a starting point when planning your student technician training programme. It is unlikely to exactly match the needs of your centre and suit the way you and your staff deliver the training but, remember, it can be edited.

To get started please read the 'Adapting the student technician template' document below. Then open the ‘Student technician training pack’ below and save the template to your PC so that it can be edited for local use.

You will also need to refer to:

The Tutor's Guide (password protected)


The UKMi Training Workbook (password protected)


The Essential Resource List


Additionally some questions with suggested answers have been provided to help test the student’s knowledge of particular elements of the information and advice module of the NVQ/SVQ.


Thanks to all those centres who sent examples of their local training schemes for student technicians and to the two centres who provided the questions and suggested answers.

The template will be reviewed regularly.  If you experience any difficulties in adapting the template or have any suggestions on how it may be improved please contact Vivienne.Rose@ngh.nhs.uk

PDF File  Adapting the student technician template 
MS Word File  Student Technician Training Pack Template 
PDF File  Student technician suggested questions 
PDF File  Student technician suggested answers 

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