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MI Conferences - 2018

The 44th UKMi Practice Development Seminar was held at the MacDonald Burlington Hotel Birmingham on Wednesday 12th September 2018.

The final programme and proceedings can be found below. 

If you attended the event we would welcome your feedback at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/RJ5N73Q. You will also get your seminar certificate by completing the survey.

The winning posters were:

Lindsay Davies and Hannah Evans, Welsh MI Centre

Implementation of an electronic tracking system for managing formulary applications in a Welsh health board

Poonam Varu and Kelly Thompson, Trent MI Centre

Pre-registration pharmacist MI rotation satisfaction Can small changes make a big difference?

Delegates choice winner:

Sue Smith and Jo Hughes Aintree MI department

Can MI improve the efficiency of the Pharmacy On-Call Service?

Winner of the Peter Golightly award for Excellence in Medicines Information was Jen Smith West Midlands MI Centre

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PDF File  UKMi 2018 Practice Development Seminar Programme 
PDF File   UKMi Practice Development Seminar Proceedings 2018  


PDF File  Can MI improve the efficiency of pharmacy on-call service - Susan Smith - Delegates Choice Winner 
PDF File  Impementation of an electronic tracking system for managing formulary applications in a welsh healthboard-Davies and Evans - Winner 
PDF File  Pre-Registration pharmacists MI rotation satisfaction - can small changes make a big difference - Varu and Thompson - Winner 
PDF File  The use of MiDatabank by shift workers out of hours - Katrina Yu.pdf 
PDF File  The Yorkshire & Humber MI Network-Promoting collaboration on a regional footprint-Dave Abbott 
PDF File  To tweet or not to tweet that is the #MI question - Sarah Cavanagh 
PDF File  20 years of pharmacy technicians in MI - Vivienne Rose 
PDF File  An Evaluation of the Pharmacy Resource Guide (PRG) for pharmacy staff-Binita Bhakta 
PDF File  Bigger & Better the birth of the Leeds Medicines Advisory servive - Emily Turner 
PDF File  Categorising MI enquiries to demonstrate intervention & improved patient safety - Kate Postle 
PDF File  Cold chain breach enquiries - analysis of value - Charlotte Hay 
PDF File  Do healthcare professionals use the new Trust MI service based at one hospital following a merger, and if not why not - Alison Innes 
PDF File  How does MI contribute to patient safety - Mehreen Karim 
PDF File  Increasing awareness and reporting of the yellow card scheme at st Helens & Knowsley - Mandeep Minhas 
PDF File  Make babies SMiLE timely Mi support & information at ESNEFT - Natasha Gearing 
PDF File  MI Keeps its cool and saves over 47K - Marianne Eve 
PDF File  MI skills training for clinical pharmacists - Catherine Witter 
PDF File  Patient helpline analysis at a local MI centre - Robert Dugdale 
PDF File  Project Echo-practice pharmacist training on open access resources - Margaret Kelly 
PDF File  Putting a price on fridge enquiries - Sarah Crawford 
PDF File  Standard search patterns when answering enquiries - Sana Junaid 
PDF File  Supporting patients & clinicians on a novel class of oral anticoagulants - Cristina Coelho 


PDF File  Plenary 1 Speaker 1 - UKMI presentation 12th Sept 2018 - Angela Carrington 
PDF File  Plenary 1 Speaker 2 - High-risk meds & transfers of care - Nicola Wake 
PDF File  Plenary 1 Speaker 4 - Quality Improvement and the WHO Global Safety Challenge - Paul Gimson 
PDF File  Plenary 1 Speaker 3 - Scottish Polypharmacy Guidance Realistic Medicine Quality Strategies Prescribing - Alpana Mair 
PDF File  Plenary 2 Speaker 1 - Group Peer Review - Ammar Abbas 
PDF File  Plenary 2 Speaker 2 - Mi in a community setting John Lightfoot 
PDF File  Plenary 2 Speaker 3 - Re-launching an MI Service - Reena Lal 
PDF File  Plenary 3 Speaker 1 - Mental health and MI draft 1 - Rachel Brown 
PDF File  Plenary 3 Speaker 2 - Asthma and COPD update - new inhalers and risk issues -Toby Capstick 
PDF File  Plenary 4 Speaker 2 - The Physics of Communications - Simon Enright 
PDF File  Plenary 4 Speaker 3 - UKMi Embraces Twitter - Sarah Cavanagh