Publicity Officers

The Publicity Officers are appointed by the UKMi Executive but support the whole UKMI network.

The current postholders are:

Publicity Officer – Simon Wills, Head of Wessex Drug & Medicines Information Centre, Southampton General Hospital. Tel 023 80 796908

Deputy Publicity Officer – Sue Austen, Medicines Information Centre, Withington Hospital, Manchester. Tel 0161 291 3331

This officers have the following roles:

1. Acting as a contact point for the media within the NHS for enquiries related to publicity. Some will be dealt with personally, others will be directed elsewhere as appropriate.

2. Offering proactive and responsive advice to MI pharmacists about media enquiries.

3. Organizing and maintaining a list of specialists within UKMi who would be prepared to deal with the media on specific issues, or who would provide advice on dealing with them.

4. Identifying issues where a response/initiative from MI would be appropriate/desirable and facilitating or co-ordinating this response where necessary.

5. Fostering publicity contacts with other professional organizations (eg RPSGB, NPA, ABPI, journals) and the media (TV companies, magazines, newspapers, websites).

6. Offering the specialist knowledge of UKMi members to other professional organisations when dealing with the media.

7. Liaising with the deputy publicity officer, UKMi Executive chair and vice-chair as appropriate who will generally lead on professional and strategic issues related to medicines management or MI as a speciality. The Publicity Officer will deal with technical issues concerning medicines.

8. Acting as deputy convenor for the UKMi Publicity Group.

Duties Co-ordinated via the Publicity Group:

9. Organizing appropriate publicity for major events which feature MI.

10. Ensuring that MI Conference Proceedings are produced annually and that the Conference is reported upon in the Pharmaceutical Journal.

11. Assisting the development of a corporate image for UKMi and UKMi Executive.

12. Looking for opportunities for research in the MI field, assisting the publication of research and publicising it.

13. Facilitating the preparation of guidelines for dealing with the media at a local level.

14. Organising media training for UKMi and UKMi Executive.

15. Recording any involvement with the media by local and regional centres. Preparing an annual report on these and other publicity-related events.