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UKMi Strategy

Membership of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society
Statement from UKMi Executive 2012

The UKMI Executive believes that the pharmacy profession needs a strong and effective professional leadership body to maintain and develop high professional standards and, by influencing government, other professions and the public, to support the advancement of the profession. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society is making good progress in meeting these challenges and we encourage our colleagues to renew their registration for 2012.

UKMi Strategy 2007

The new UKMI strategy, 'Effective information for managing medicines', was published on 31st October 2007.  It takes account of the many changes in the NHS since 2000, many of which are still unfolding.  Medicines Information has crucial roles to play in the evolving NHS, which the strategy will facilitate the service to adapt and meet the new opportunities and challenges.

Copies of the Strategy are available from regional Medicines Information Services or can be downloaded from the link below.

An external report, The NHS's Strategic Policy Framework, was commissioned by UKMi to act as a supplement to the UKMi Strategy.  An outline of this report was presented to UKMi Conference in September 2006.  The full report is available from the link below.

UKMi Strategy 2007 - Effective Information for Managing Medicines  PDF File

PDF File  The NHS's Strategic Policy Framework 

Strategy Powerpoint presentation

A short Powerpoint presentation is available for anyone wishing to undertake presentations on the UKMi Strategy to local groups.  It can be adapted to suit local needs without seeking permission.
Powerpoint File  Strategy Powerpoint presentation 

UKMi Strategy 2000

Better Information for Managing Medicines

In April 2000, a 5-year strategy for the pharmacy-based NHS medicines information service was launched, called 'Better Information for Managing Medicines'. This strategy is aimed at all individuals and groups in the NHS with a professional interest in the service, from medicines information pharmacists to key NHS stakeholders. The strategy was endorsed by the Health Departments of the four home countries of the United Kingdom.  The strategy was supported by the Implementation Framework. This document details for medicines information pharmacists and their managers how the strategy will be implemented in practice. It will act as the guide over the 5-year tenure of the strategy for the development of priorities for achieving the overall aims and actions of the strategy.

The UKMi Strategy 2000 has been replaced by the UKMi Strategy 2007.

UKMi, QIPP and Redesign

UKMi, through its UKMi Executive, is responding to the challenges of the NHS QIPP (Quality, Innovation, Productivity, Prevention) agenda through a number of initiatives.  In support of this, it is producing a number of outputs which are designed to demonstrate the role of MI services in supporting this agenda across the NHS.

The documents listed will eventually move to a separate section on the UKMi website.

PDF File  How MI services are supporting the QIPP agenda 
PDF File  UKMi promotion leaflet 2010 

The Clarke Inquiry

An Independent Inquiry into a Professional Body for Pharmacy

Following the programme of reform set out in the government's review of healthcare professional regulation in the 21 February 2007 White Paper; Trust, assurance and safety: the regulation of health professionals, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB) Council, in June 2007, undertook to commission an Independent Inquiry into the possible options for a new professional leadership body for pharmacy.  The Inquiry has been set up to allow the profession the widest possible debate around the issues relating to a future professional body for pharmacy. Based on that consultation, the Inquiry will make recommendations to the RPSGB for how that can be achieved.  Nigel Clarke is chairing the Inquiry, working with a Secretariat and Panel of three expert advisers. The consultation document of the Inquiry was completed and made available on the Clarke Inquiry website from 1st November 2007.

UKMi Executive, on behalf of the UKMi Network, have made a response to the consultation, which can be accessed online:  UKMi response to the Clarke Inquiry consultation



MRHA Public consultation (MLX 376): Proposal to introduce an early access to medicines scheme in the UK

The MHRA has undertaken a public consultation on proposals to introduce a scheme in the UK that will provide access to certain new medicines before they are formally licensed.

The UKMi New Medicines Working Group, on behalf of the UKMi Network, has made a response to the consultation.