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Publicising MI

Promotional Material

The Publicity section of the UKMi website contains materials which may help you publicise your local MI centre and the UKMi network, or deal with media contact.

The following posters can be used to promote your service.

PDF File  1. GP thinking of MI questions  
PDF File  2. Samuel Johnson Quote 
PDF File  3. Anton Chekhov Quote 

Media contact

If you are contacted by the media and need advice, the UKMI publicity officers may be able to help you.

The Legal and Ethical section of this website contains a briefing providing tips on Working with the Media. This includes advice on being interviewed and providing information

UKMi logos

The following logos are available. You can load them onto your PC by opeing the link, right clicking on the selected picture and then selecting “Save Picture As”.

 blue-on-white 100px GIF
 blue-on-white 200px GIF
 blue-on-white 40mm TIF
 blue-on-white WMF
 white-on-blue 100px GIF
 white-on-blue 200px GIF
 white-on-blue WMF