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User Satisfaction Survey

The UKMi user survey is a validated tool, designed to obtain enquirers’ opinions of the service they receive when they contact MI services with an enquiry. The questionnaire has been structured to be succinct, easy to complete and analyse, and incorporates issues that were determined to be most important to enquirers in preliminary research. It is available in two formats, one to download and print off, and the other for electronic use.

Whilst this version of the questionnaire has been approved by UKMi, it is acknowledged that some Centres may wish to adapt it for local use. Data obtained will assist in ensuring MI Centres meet the requirements of their Users, and provide a high quality enquiry answering service. Positive results will provide a valuable endorsement for the Service, whilst any negative results can be used to identify areas that require improvement/investment.


Guidance for the use of User Surveys in UKMI services
Updated user survey guidance for March 2022