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49th UKMI Conference 2023

The 49th UKMi conference was held on 29th November 2023 at the Manchester Conference Centre, and marked a successful return to a face-to-face event. Proceedings and programme are attached. Conference sessions and posters will be uploaded shortly.

Congratulations to all the prize winners:

Peter Golightly award for MI Excellence

  • Bridget Rankin, Principal MI Pharmacist, Guys and St Thomas's (Catherine Stephenson, Lead MI Pharmacist, Nottingham University Hospital was highly commended)

Poster winners

  • Katy Davies and Lindsay Davies won the judges' vote for their posters, with Sally Badin winning the Delegates' vote.

Well done to all of the winners!


Conference sessions

Plenary 1 - Shaping the future of digital technology in healthcare
Dr Sarah Slight

Plenary 2 - Renal Update
Clare Morlidge & Katherine Parker

WS 3 - Critical appraisal
Dave Abbott

WS 4 - Demystifying QI
Lisa Jamieson

WS 5 - Using new UKMi KPIs in practice
Charlotte Hay

WS 6 - Liver Disease
Penny North-Lewis

Conference programme

Proceedings of the UKMi 49th Annual conference 2023
Contains speaker information and poster abstracts

Poster 01 Making links across the care interface
Dave Abbott

Poster 02 UHS Pharmacy on call Poster
Sally Badin

Poster 03 The Good the Bad and the Ugly
Anna Burgess

Poster 04 Contributing to Medicines Safety at University Hospitals Birmingham Final Version
Katy Davies

Poster 05 WMAS response to GroupA Strep 2022-23
Lindsay Davies

Poster 06 MI QI for UKMi
Kirsty Habibi-Parker

Poster 07 Reliable cancer drug interactions checker
Marianna Howes

Poster 08 Innovation in Medicines Information & Governance training for Newly Qualified Pharmacists
Louise Park

Poster 09 The benefits of using a cloud based telephony system in a Medicines Resource Centre UKMi 2023
Lisa Pazik

Poster 10 How can MI help streamline workflow
Marina Alibhai Ribeiro - How can MI help streamline workflow UKMi 2023_Poster

Poster 11 A 5-year retrospective review of enquiries received from primary care healthcare professionals
Thaaranii Rajkumar

Poster 12 The Future of Specialist Medicines Information Pharmacy Technician Training
Michele Skipp

Poster 13 Barriers and enablers affecting Yellow Card reporting in medicines information
Louise Smith

Poster 14 Integrating the covid-19 Antiviral treatment service into our local MA
Gwenllian Thomas

Poster 15 Impact of the UHS Nurse Discharge Checklist
Pua Wen