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Key Performance Indicators

The UKMi Quality and Risk Management Group (QRMG) have developed a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can be used in individual centres to support measuring, recording and presenting performance over time. There are a number of Core KPIs that QRMG would recommend all centres record, and a set of Expanded KPIs that centres could consider selecting from, depending on their individual services and needs.

The spreadsheet has been developed to facilitate data collection on a periodic basis and to help present information in a useful way. This can be used as a basis for discussion within your organisation or can be adapted for your own requirements.

There is also a Guidance Document to help support the use of KPIs within an individual service.


Key Performance Indicators
Spreadsheet for local use to select, record and present selected KPIs

Key Performance Indicators - explanatory notes
The background to and a guide to using the recommended Medicines Information KPI spreadsheet