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As many of you have noticed, the old NHS Networks platform hosting the UKMi discussion board has crashed and is unable to be used any more. The NHS networks web team have be unable to reinstate the site.

We have created a new discussion forum on and unfortunately, we need to ask members to re-register for access as we cannot import our membership. NOTE: at the time of posting the new NHS Networks site is having sporadic issues, so if you get an error message when you try and register, please try again later.

The attached document will support you to join and use the new discussion forum.

When creating your account on NHS Networks:

  • Use your work email. Personal ( or department ( emails are acceptable. Do not use your personal “home” email (e.g. gmail, hotmail).
  • Use your full name as your username rather than an alias or nickname. You cannot use spaces in your username, so we recommend either using a . or _ between first name and surname, or running names together.
  • If you are already registered on NHS Networks with a username other than your full name, please amend your profile if you can.
  • When completing your profile, if you then set it to private, we cannot see the details which will cause a delay in us processing your request to join the network.
    • Please can you add your name, post, and which MI/MA service you work in to your profile. If you are rotating through MI please let us know when your rotation finishes.
    • If you have added all of these things, please check your privacy settings! Click on your profile name (top right-hand corner), then go to “Account Settings” THEN “Privacy”. Then you can select which bits you want other people to see (first name, last name, bio) – set them to “All Members”.

Once you are logged in to the NHS Networks site, go to the UKMi network discussion forum page and click “Request access”

  • Your request will be reviewed by the administrators. If you have not provided sufficient detail for the administrators to determine whether you fulfil the criteria for membership, you will be asked to provide these.

Please refer to the attached document for help with setting up your notification preferences, and how to post to the group.

Unfortunately, it is looking like we have lost the archive from the old group, but we are in discussions with NHS networks to see if it can be recovered.

Thank you for your patience. We apologise for the interruption in this service.

Kind regards

UKMi discussion forum administrators

(Anna Burgess, Vanessa Chapman, Abigail Scott, Jen Smith)