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In aiming to develop training material for Advanced Level Medicines Information Pharmacists, the Education and Training Working Group have identified, and validated a number of existing practice-based resources first. They have specifically considered relevance to MI, method of delivery, eligibility, cost and completion time. This is aimed to supplement resources provided by your Trust, local pharmacy network education and training providers, libraries and CPD series in relevant journals (e.g. Pharmacy Management, Clinical Pharmacist, Health Service Journal).  We’ve reviewed some universities courses that you’ve recommended, as well as those that we have local knowledge of.

Learn Direct resources are particularly helpful if you don’t have much time to spare or want to learn about practice-based topics in the workplace.

In the course of reviewing training resources relating to therapeutics, with the exception of a few bodies, it has become apparent that material is fairly disparate and disorganised. We suggest you start with bodies such as the Centre of Postgraduate Pharmacy Education and the National Prescribing Centre.

Increasingly there are links to courses and events through the National Library for Health; click on the specialist library of interest and then look for CPD resources – the layout varies according to the specialist library. In addition the BMJ e-learning material is really helpful but requires a personal or institutional subscription – speak to your education leads to establish whether you have access to this resource. Finally we haven’t listed all the postgraduate clinical pharmacy/pharmacy practice courses available as it’s assumed Advanced Level practitioners will probably have completed these already.


Note - the information contained in this document has not been updated since its publication. Therefore it is possible that some of its content may no longer accurately reflect the training provided by organisations.
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