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The UKMi Training Workbook has now been removed from this site. 

All pharmacists involved in patient care need medicines information (MI) skills (i.e. clinical problem-solving skills) to optimise medicines use, including:

  • asking the right questions to determine the nature and extent of the clinical problem
  • using the best sources of information on medicines
  • using critical evaluation skills, clinical decision-making skills and professional judgement to formulate an answer to a clinical problem from the resources available
  • using effective communication skills to deliver expert advice on medicines.

Whilst recognising that much of the training in MI skills takes place in the workplace for hospital pharmacists, it also recognises that pharmacy staff in other healthcare settings will also need training.

The UKMi Workforce Development working group endorses the use of the following UKMi training resources to support and/or supplement training of pre-registration and Foundation pharmacists, and other pharmacy professionals who need training in MI skills. Some leaners may find it helpful to use both the Medicines Learning Portal and MiCAL.

MiCAL (www.midatabank.com/mical/)

Medicines Learning Portal (www.medicineslearningportal.org/p/about_3.html)

Frontispiece, Acknowledgements and Contents

Introduction to MI


Tutor's Guide

Additional Tutor Support

Tools to evaluate telephone/communication skills have been developed by UKMi. Although these have been primarily developed to use with trainees in medicines information, they could also be used as a peer review tool with colleagues. These tools may be adapted for local use.

MS Word File  Telephone Skills Evaluation Tool Receiving an enquiry 
MS Word File  Telephone Skills Evaluation Tool Giving an answer to an enquiry 
PDF File  Quick Question Guide