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The UKMi / RPS medicines information computer aided learning package (MiCAL) provides core knowledge and skills required to effectively answer questions relating to medicines use. Pharmacy staff will deal with medicines related questions in most aspects of their role from ward based services, dispensary to supply issues and medicines information.


MiCAL is aimed at any healthcare professional wishing to gain (or improve) the basic and advanced skills considered necessary to reduce the risk to enquirers from the provision of inappropriate advice relating to medicines.


MiCAL is updated annually and written with the use of MiDatabank in mind, such to provide training on using the enquiry recording database through example enquiries.


Examples of training topics in MiCAL:


Enquiry answering skills teaching

• Introduction to medicines information services

• The purpose of documenting medicines related questions, research and answers

• Questioning skills – including interactive scenarios

• Where to look for information by clinical topic – including test yourself questions and exercises.

• Answering the question - including interactive scenarios

Includes using Medline (via NICE Evidence and PubMed) and EMBASE effectively


Clinical tutorials

Refresher on basic clinical pharmacy skills for a variety of topics with test yourself questions.


Enquiry answering skills assessment

20 interactive example scenarios around various clinical topics.

• Multiple choice questions to test knowledge pre- and post- example enquiry.


Advanced skills teaching

• Critical appraisal skills for randomised controlled trials

• Calculations commonly encountered in pharmacy practice

• Patient safety and medicines information (including an introduction to IRMIS)

• Writing skills with practical advice.

Accessing and using MiCAL

MiCAL can be used in situations where a tutor is unable to provide continuous one-to-one support.

The programme can be used to address identified training needs rather than worked through from beginning to end.


MiCAL requires subscription. The database and order form can be accessed via http://www.midatabank.com/mical/.


A useful tutor’s guide can be found at http://www.midatabank.com/mical/user-guide/MiCALv15_Using_MiCAL_Effectively.pdf.

A WebEx on how to use MiCAL can be accessed via https://healthsector.webex.com/healthsector/ldr.php?RCID=c255fbde88abcc3d6dbfaf9b391dae6e.

Updates and comments

MiCAL carries the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) Accredited mark and is recognised by the RPS as a quality training tool for all pharmacy staff, across all sectors. The training programme has been mapped to the RPS Foundation Pharmacy Framework (FPF), Advanced Pharmacy Framework (APF) and the General Pharmaceutical Council’s (GPhC) pre-registration performance standards.

For further details regarding MiCAL please visit http://www.midatabank.com/mical/ or email the content authors at the London Medicines information Service.