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MI Conferences - 2014

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PDF File  Programme and Proceedings 2014  

  Presentations from UKMI PDS 2014
  Plenary Session 1:  Pharmacy & MI evolving for patient benefit
  Pharmacy and MI: using the RPS Hospital Pharmacy Standards to realise benefits for patients
  Jon Standing Chief Pharmacist, Yeovil District Hospital   
  Prescription for Excellence
  Sandra Melville, Clinical pharmacy manager, Lorn & Islands Hospital, Oban
  Plenary 2:  Clinical update - Diabetes
  Tailoring treatment to the individual with type 2 diabetes: an interactive case based approach
  Hand out - Religious fasting, Ramadan and hypoglycemia in people with diabetes [21442 hypo ejournal.]
  Hand out - Ramadan: A practical guide for the care of people with type 2 diabetes [DIABESITY]
  Alia Gilani, Health Inequalities Pharmacist & Regional rep for Scotland for the South Asian Health Foundation
  Plenary Session 3:  Information resources update
  MIDatabank Sharer
  Steve Moss, CoAcS
  Medicines in Compliance Aids Database
  Trevor Beswick Director of South West Medicines Information & Training Service
  Injectable Medicines Guide - Paediatric Focus
  Jenny Haylor NPPG Medusa liaison pharmacist Bristol Children’s Hospital
  Plenary 4:  Key partners
  NICE & BNF update
  Paul Chrisp, Programme Director, Medicines and Prescribing Centre, NICE
  Hand out – CPPE infographic
  Christopher Cutts, Director, Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education
  Plenary Session 5: Medication safety
  Patient safety networks   
  Dr David Gerrett, Senior Pharmacist, Patient Safety, NHS England 
  UKMI contributions to the patient safety agenda
  Ben Rehman, Director, London Medicines Information Service
  Practice research
  Hayley Johnson – Selling the evidence: Do community  pharmacists use evidence-based medicine and can MI help?
  Matthew Jones – Comparison of Community & Hospital  Pharmacists’ Sources of Information About Medicines: Written Sources
  Matthew Jones - Comparison of Community & Hospital  Pharmacists’ Sources of Information About Medicines: Use of the UKMi Network
  Angela Badiani – Problem solvers and hand-holders: the  impact of the UHS patient helpline
  Diane Bramley – Impact of the advice from the Medicines  Information Patient Helpline on medication adherence
  Diane Bramley – A review of enquiries to an Unlicensed  ‘Specials’ Medicines Helpline for GPs
  Andrea Manzanares Azofra – A Survey Evaluation of the Use of  Advice Provided by a Medicines Information Service within a Mental Health Trust
  Aoidin Cooke – A study to determine the current practice of  health care professionals when reviewing and prescribing medication in women  who are pregnant or of childbearing potential
  Susan Caldwell – How does advice from Medicines Information  support safe and effective patient care, in NHS Highland?
  Jennifer Smith – Religion, Belief, Medicines and the Law
  Ashley Marsden – Did training QC staff in literature  searching make a difference?

  Practice development / audit
  Laura Granger – The implementation of a Unified Medicines  Information Service for Two Acute Trusts
  John Lightfoot – Development of Medicines Information  Services in an NHS Community Trust
  Lorna Hand – Introduction and Dissemination of a Trust-wide  ‘Medicines Matters’ Bulletin
  Joanne McEntee – NDO Newsletter: do readers like what they  see?
  Matthew Jones – The use of Outcome data monitoring in the  quality assurance of MI services
  Katie Smith – A survey of NHS MI pharmacists poor  experiences with pharmaceutical company medical information services during  March 2014
  Denise Stevens – User Satisfaction Survey – Paper or  Electronic?
  David Erskine – An assessment of the information provided to  support pharmacy and ward-based staff to administer injectable medicines
  Cristina Coelho – Thromboprophylaxis – a spotlight on  prescribing
  Steve Haigh – Hunting fridge gremlins
  Roy Foot – Development of a Mobile Device Application to  Support Clinical Staff in the Acute Setting
  Helen Sampson – Pharmacist Interventions – a new approach to  capturing the data at Blackpool Victoria Hospital
  Suki Tagger – Pre-Registration Trainee Pharmacy Technician –  Development of a Bespoke Medicines Information Training Package