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Medicines in Breastfeeding clinical enquiries

The specialist UKDILAS service provides evidence-based information and advice to healthcare-professionals on the use of medicines during breastfeeding

Contact details
Midlands Medicines Information Service

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
Leicester Royal Infirmary
Victoria Building
Oliver Ward
0116 258 6491

Where we can and can’t help

Before contacting us, ensure you have gathered information on both the mother and the infant, so that we can help you with your enquiry.

Questions we can answer

Types of enquiry our specialist team can help with:

  • Medicines in breast milk for preterm and health compromised infants.
  • Effects of medicines on milk production, including enhancement and suppression of lactation.
  • Advising on appropriate medicines in breastfeeding for specific conditions.
  • Management of breastfeeding-related conditions, e.g. nipple/breast infections.
  • Advising on medicines in breast milk after maternal overdose.
Questions we can’t answer

We are not formally trained as breastfeeding supporters and therefore cannot offer specific advice on breastfeeding itself.